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DelQS has over the years developed an extensive range of standard documents and templates including various forms of contract, financial viability studies, cost reports, payment certificates, payment schedules, etc. DelQS developed the following property data links and sheets to assist our clients:



DelQS has developed a free to use construction cashflow calculator. Click on the link and fill in the details to receive an indicative construction cashflow! Refer to the Construction Cash Flow Formula section for more detail on the formulas, etc used to develop the construction cashflow


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Explanation/definition of abbreviations and terms used in the property industry in Southern Africa and to a

lesser extent in other parts of Africa





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Construction cash

flow formula


Provides the formulas and factors required to predict the construction cash flow as taken from a doctoral thesis by Dr C P de Leeuw in 1988. The basics will still be valid today




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Further sources of

property data


Gives sources of property data with links to websites other than for those cases where relevant data are provided on the DelQS website



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Rule of thumb


The following rules of thumb are given:

  • Correlation of hotel room cost and rate
  • Doubling of original capital
  • IRR over 20 years
  • Effect of inflation
  • Mortgage instalments (effect of interest rate)
  • Effect of contract price Adjustment
  • (post-contract escalation)
  • Pareto principle (80-20 rule)

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Measurement of

building areas


Defines the following areas as utilised and recommended by DelQS:

  • Construction area
  • Gross building area (as used by local authorities)
  • Sectional title area (South Africa)
  • Rentable area (South Africa)
  • Usable area (South Africa)

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Services stages



Indicates the PROCSA (Professional Consultants Services Agreement) professional stages for the various built environment professional consultants and which are recom-mended for use in Africa

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Prime bank overdraft rates

(South Africa)


Gives the prime overdraft rates of the South African banks from 31 December 1948 as recorded by the South African Reserve Bank

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VAT (South Africa)


Describes the application of VAT for land and improvement transactions in South Africa and provides two flow charts to illustrate same

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